Links 8-11-17

Design Thinking with Puppets– Sam Patterson has a cool set of videos he uses to help kids use design thinking to a specific audience…using puppets.

Gamification in the 5th Grade Classroom– This is pretty cool. A little out of my current time constraints, but I think it is a fun way to help kids. I love that homework is called a Side Quest and Tests are Epic Quests.

Progression Videos- Graham Fletcher– Fletcher has a series of videos that deal with the progression of learning for a variety of math topics. I haven’t watched them all yet, but could be useful.

Think Inside the Box- The Power of Creative Constraint– John Spencer offers a powerful look at innovation. We do not always (or often) have the ability as teachers/workers/students to simply think outside the box. We usually have constraints on us that cause some issues. But we can still be innovative…inside the box.

I start school next week and I look forward to the new year with a little anxiety, nervousness and an anticipation that wants to get started with my new group of 2nd grade kiddos. Happy Friday!


Links- 8-4-17 More Smart Classroom Management

How a One-Second Strategy Can Motivate Your New Class– A fun thing to try. Learn Like a Champion!

The Only Classroom Rules You’ll Ever Need– Make it simple

Should Your First Consequence Be a Warning– Just what it sounds like. 🙂

10 Ways To Make Time-Out More Effective– Good ideas

Why a Letter Home Is and Effective Consequence My difficulty would be to remain consistent with the follow through.

I am looking at tweaking my classroom management this year, so I am reading up on it and I’m trying to do some last minute ideas before I work it into what works for me. Hopefully this helps someone else as well.




Links 7-26-17

How I Eliminated (Almost) All Grading Problems in my Classroom– Terry Heick offers some interesting tips.

How to Get Students to Stay Seated and Quiet in Time-Out– One of my goals this year is to tweak and tighten my classroom management. Michael Linsin offers some ideas about effective time-out time.

I Am Not Trending, and Neither are My Interests– Sam Patterson works with puppets with his 1st/2nd graders…But he seems alone and he reflects on his interests, even when no one shares them.

How to Set Up a Simple, Effective Classroom Management Plan– Michael Linsin shares his 4 class rules and consequences

3 Promises For the First Day of School– Good things to try and live up to for our students

Have a good week.


Wednesday Links 7-19-17

25 Classroom Management Myths to Ponder This Summer– Just what it sounds like. 🙂 Michael Linsin just offers a list of myths.

7 Things That Happen When Students Own Their Learning– John Spencer at Creative Classroom is a new favorite of mine.

Wrong: Google Doc–Instead: Google Forms–5 Tips Alice Keeler offers some tips for using Forms

Why Effective Practice is Just as Important as the Hours of Practice– Be more effective.

Links 7-9-17

Sorry it has been awhile. It is summer break. Plus, my room with the computer is about 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the warm house. 🙂

Touchscreen Chromebooks: The iPad Killers in Schools?– Whether or not, they kill them, this is a big move to give them a run for the money.

The Simplest Way to Stop Feeling Overscheduled and Overwhelmed– Angela Watson offers some helpful tips.

To Engage Students and Teachers, Treat Core Subjects Like Extracurricular– Why save the fun activities for fun classes?

4 Games to Spark Empathy-Building in the Classroom– Using tech for relationships.

How to Stop Wasting Time and Attention on Difficult Students– Easier said than done, but Michael Linsin always offers some bite size chunks for strengthening your class management skills.

Links- 6/15/17

Seven Ways to Help Students Develop a Growth Mindset– John Spencer is becoming a favorite to listen and read. Great stuff on creativity and empowering our students.

Two Simple Question to Ask at the End of the Day– George Couros suggests some great reflection questions.

You Are Not a Number– Another from George Couros- Challenging the way we look at numbers and data.

Let Paperslide Into Your Class– This is a fun way to illustrate content.

No Such Thing as a Math Person– NY Times piece discussing the idea of Growth Mindset within a math setting. EVERYONE can grow, even in math.


Links- 6-11-17

How Teachers Can Learn From One Another at Unconferences– Great look at the different styles of Unconferences AKA EdCamps.

The Impact of Awards– George Couros questions the connection between trying to have our students understand they are all special and have different gifts and the awards we give them…which sort of say, no, they’re not.

Four Teaching Moves that Promote a Growth Mindset in all Readers– Just what it sounds like. 🙂

Remixing Traditional Lessons with Tech-“They hope that they’ll get big, lasting change from a little bit of tech fairy dust. Many times, it doesn’t change the overall learning experience much — and sometimes detracts from it.”

Googled Drawings Manifesto for Teachers– Some tips and tricks on how to use it and how to get students using it.

Friday Links- George and Matt Edition

Two Things All Parents Need to Know From Their Schools– George Couros suggests it is about safety and opportunity for success.

5 Great Non-Education Books That Might Change Your Thinking on Teaching and Learning– George Couros shares a couple book ideas.

3 Ways Schools Condition Students– George Couros writes that we condition our students using grades, awards, and compliance. Is there a better idea?

12 Great Ways to Grow as an Educator This Summer– Great post from Matt Miller

5 Ways to Get Back to Solid Teaching and Learning– Another great post from Matt Miller suggesting that we get back to good teaching and let technology support it…and other ideas.