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So, here is my obligatory first post. Most times people take some time to explain what the purpose of their blog is. The truth is: It could be a little of everything. And nothing. As the tagline suggests, there will be scattered thoughts. Sometimes insightful. Sometimes random (okay, maybe many of these).

My hope is to share my thoughts on my educational journey. My hopes, passions, failures, successes. I love what I do. My teaching philosophy has changed so much through the years. I have changed a lot through the years. My hope is that my thoughts could help others in this journey that is the wonderful profession of teachers.

Are there things wrong with the field of education? Sure. Can I fix most of them? Nope. Can I work to make my classroom a place kids actually want to be? Man, I hope so. And most days, I think I do.

Some goals I have for the site:

  • Honest reflections on my profession
  • Stories about my educational experience
  • Reflections on ideas/ trends in education
  • Funny Memes or pictures (While I take my job seriously, I don’t always take myself seriously)
  • Positive stories about education
  • At least 2 posts per week

There are more…like it says…Scattered Thoughts…but I will leave it with that.

I leave you with this thought I recently saw on my Twitter feed…

You cannot have engaged students without engaged teachers.

I am passionate about teaching. I am humbled each year I step into the classroom for the most noble profession of teaching. I hope we can learn and grow together.

Derrick Bright