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Just Keep Swimming

For those that know me, I listen to a lot of different podcasts. And for those that do know me…I listen to a lot of podcasts. My wife even teases that I don’t listen to music. I have recently started listening to one by Angela Watson. At the end of her podcast, she says something to the effect of ‘It’s not meant to be easy, but it is worth it”.

Now I could be saying it slightly wrong, but you get the idea. I find that as I continue through life, I am 40 now so it is ok to reminisce, it is those things that are difficult that are most valuable. I try often to make sure I am doing some of those hard things, because it is so easy to become stagnant, so easy just to coast by.

This blog is another way that I am trying to step out. I like to consume knowledge and learning, so this is partly my feeble attempt at adding something to this noble profession. One of my challenges will be to look at the positive side of things. I have lately been inspired from some great teachers. I hope to pass on some of that inspiration.

How can you keep persevering through the difficulty?

  • Find some help- whether a teacher near you or even online, there are so many ways to remain connected (even if they are not “real” Haha)
  • Keep pressing on even when it is difficult.
  • Remember why you started this profession called teaching.