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Why do people make a vow when they get married? Is it because we will always feel in love? Of course not. It is for those times when we are ‘feeling in love’. So, what is the thing to do? I heard it stated this way: Remember your vows.

Where is your passion?

So, what does this have to do with education and teaching? I think the connection is this. No matter how long you have been teaching, it does not always feel good. I think it is especially true as time goes on. During the summer, I started reading a book called, Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess. Each of the letters of PIRATE stand for something related to teaching like a pirate [This is not someone bad, but rather the idea is someone who is adventurous, willing to take risks and maybe even fail sometimes]

The P in PIRATE stands for passion. He goes on to talk about passion in a couple different ways. I won’t get into them too deeply now, because I hope to do more reflection pieces later.

One of the main things it made me think about was this idea: Professionally, “What is it about being an educator that drives you? What ignites a fire within you?” Put another way: WHY DID YOU BECOME A TEACHER? When you answer that, it can make those difficult times a little easier.

  • “Remember your vows.” Remember what drove you into education. Let that fuel you for the next stage.
  • What are you passionate about outside of the job? Magic? Working out? Comics? Animals? Find a way to inject some of that joy you get from those activities into your teaching.
  • Do Over. The great thing about teaching is all the do overs. Each day is new. Each week is new. Having a bad day? Do over. Tough year? Do over. Hang in there.
  • Lean on. Have someone to talk to about these frustrations. One of the worst things we can do is hold that in. Sharing the burden can help.

Until next time,