A little while ago, I shared a little about the SAMR model for technology integration. I found a couple cool images that kind of explain the difference.


I like how this compares it to coffee.


I like this one because it shows the degree of depth for each of the steps in the model. What I like about this idea is that it is NOT about making you feel bad for not doing tech with your students.

It is about a continuum or growth mindset that says…OK, here is where I am at today. NOW, how can I deepen my use of tech in a more meaningful way. If all you ever do is just worksheets on a computer, you need to move along. But if you are just starting out and ALL you do is a worksheet on the computer, well done. Keep growing. Keep moving forward.

  • Technology can be intimidating.- There are new things all the time!
  • Don’t let technology intimidate you-¬†Sometimes I have given a site or new app to my kids and they explore and it turns out to not be what my kids need or what I want. So what? Try again, or don’t. That is a beauty of teaching.
  • Keep Learning- We, teachers, are sometimes the worst students. We will sometimes give up if it is too hard or too uncomfortable. Don’t. Give it a fair chance. If it doesn’t work, tweak it or drop it. But always be a learner.

What are your experiences with tech? Is there something you used that worked well? Something that didn’t? Share your thoughts below.