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So, I know it has been a while. I did NOT realize that it had been nearly a month. I am sorry for the three of you, waiting for the wisdom to drop from heaven like manna. Nourishing your soul like nothing else.

Alright, so my self importance is a bit overwhelming, even for me.

Seriously, though, life gets busy and goes through many seasons. I did not write because report cards were due, then because of Spring Break, then because I’m a little lazy. Well, maybe a lot, but I like to blame other stuff for my shortcomings, so it had to be Spring Break. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


Closer to the Truth?

I find that I go through seasons, often, that lend themselves to creativity, innovation and trying new things. There are other times where I am just surviving, or being a little cranky or just going through the motions, with life.

Thankfully, I have more on days than off. I hate “just surviving”, but I have learned that sometimes that is all there is room for. And sometimes, for a season, that has to be enough, otherwise the weight of life just pulls us down and other problems can creep in.


So, what do you do to stay moving forward?

What do you do to stay mindful, to stay productive, to rest, in the midst of craziness?

What do you to stay get out of the rut? I would love to hear from you.