So, we are ending the year in the next few days. I always love the end of the year. Sure, there are frustrating times when the kids are being…well, kids ready for break.1024x10241

I will let you in on a little “secret”: many teachers are just the same, but we have a little more self control.


I never have enough time or forethought to plan some cool year-long culmination project (one day, maybe), but I like not feeling too rushed at the end, so the final days are nice times to connect with the kiddos one last time…For some, it will be the last time we see these kids EVER. That is sobering.

Did we do enough to impact these kids? Did I give them enough skills to be independent problem solvers? That was a goal of mine.1024x1024

How do I feel I did?

Independence- I am very proud of how far these kids have come. I love, love, love seeing the transformation between the beginning of 2nd grade and the end. The change is tremendous. Sometimes training independence looks and feels like it did when my dad “taught” me to swim…Just threw me in…and when I didn’t float to the surface, grabbed me and lifted me up.

Maybe not the best model for swimming, but that is one of the things my kids did well this year. When I pushed them into something new, sometimes they bobbed and sometimes they sank, but they very often rose to the challenge, in ways that surprised me and themselves.

Sometimes it did not always work out well, but the cool thing with learning (even as an educator), there is always tomorrow.

**DISCLAMER: I did not, nor will not, push kids into an actual pool**

Problem Solvers- What I have learned in my years of teaching…I don’t know everything. When I was younger, that was more frightening. Now, when that happens, it is okay. Many times this year, when I didn’t know how to do a certain task on the computers, I simply created a “Challenge”.

It sounded like this: “hey guys, here is what I want you to do…I know you can with this program/app…When you figure it out, let me know.”

Even being pretty tech savvy, these kids blew my mind. Time and again.

Take Away: This is just a brief example of some of the times it went well. There were many. There were also many times it didn’t go well. I will save those for another day…Who am I kidding? I have been thinking about them and planning for next year. It is a sickness I have. And the only prescription is more cow bell. Or a couple restful months off. One of the two. Happy summer.