Epic fails! If I am being honest, sometimes it is funny to see the failures of others. (Though I can’t recommend some of the images that come up if you Google search for fails.


Most of the time in real life, though, our failures are not fun or funny. At least to us. But sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves, because we are bound to make some mistakes.

I was doing Inside Outside Circle in my class the other day. If you are new to cooperative learning, this is a Kagan Structure that helps kids share information in a different way. I was using it as a classbuilder and explaining each step…and I don’t know how many times I explained the step incorrectly or unclear. Now, a good teacher might have stopped and tried again…Not me this time. I kept digging my hole deeper and deeper  into confusion.


I started to get a little frustrated at the kids and what was supposed to be fun activity to have them share with different people in the room ended…not as well. As I reflected on it,I should have stopped the activity, started over or just tried another day.

One of the good things about teaching, that I try to instill in my kids is that we get to start over the next day…again and again.

I started listening to a podcast called My Bad. Each episode has the host or a guest sharing a mistake, or fail, they did. I like the idea because too many times, we feel like we can’t make mistakes and there is sometimes that sense in teaching. Sometimes it is imposed by outside forces, like certain mistakes could cost you your job (or many, many small ones), or what will the kids/parents/administration think about that mistake.

Other times, we carry our pride with us and feel like a mistake will cause the kids/parents/administration to dislike or not respect us.

More often, our mistakes, if handled well, will help others see us as human.

What is a “fail” you are willing to share?