Since the words technology and Tuesday both start with ‘t’, I thought I would sometimes create a new thing to do on Tuesday. To be honest, most of my knowledge of computers has to with all the mistakes I made with my first ones. Today, many of the things I know, are from trying out something and seeing if it makes my life easier.

The best technology, for me, is tech that is user friendly, intuitive, not a lot of work to set up and does what I want/need it to do. Is that so much to ask?

So, my goal is for these posts to be short–partly because I don’t have time for a long one, and partly because my few visitors don’t either.


So, one of the cool new features of Google Classroom is the ability to differentiate assignments. I happened across this the other day, by accident. I was actually assigning something to only a couple and I needed to give the link, but other students were working on something and I was afraid that I would bury their link, but I went to post it anyway.

Well, I noticed that I could share this link to just the students I wanted. Awesome. Try it out. Or don’t.

If you want to, here is a link for how to do it.