“The last thing you want to do is focus on what your coworkers aren’t doing, because the moment they get the sense that you think you’re a better teacher than they are, you’re going to be shut out for real.” Angela Watson


I hope that my coworkers never get this feeling. I like trying new things and I like sharing some of the things I am learning. I am still working on sharing the things that I fail at on a daily basis. When I try these new things, I know, often, it is not going to work the same way as others. I know it is sometimes going to be bad.

I hope in my sharing (or oversharing), that I don’t come across as thinking I am better. If you were in my head, you would know this is most likely the opposite. I get passionate and confident (this is a new one for me) about trying something.

It doesn’t mean I am better. We all have our own strengths, gifts, talents, and shortcomings. It’s all part of being a teacher human.

To paraphrase a recent podcast I heard, “We all have a book to write as teachers. What will yours be?”