1. How to Teach at a Rewards-Based School– I love the idea of “rewarding” kids, on occasion, just for being a part of your class.
  2. Five Questions to Help People Embrace Meaningful Change– What if…Every teacher tweeted one thing a day they did in their classroom to a school hashtag and took five minutes a day to read each others’ tweets? What would that do for learning and school culture?
  3. Quick Google Forms Time Savers for Teachers– Have you thought of using forms to help you collect data, and not just surveys. Matt Millers offers some pointers.
  4. The Thing About Homework“Homework in Primary school has zero effect” John Hattie Does this mean just do no HW? Not necessarily. Read to find out.
  5. Homework: A Low Return-on-Investment Activity– Matt Miller discusses why we do HW and what we should consider when we assign it. IF we assign it.