Some districts have two Mondays off for Lincoln’s Birthday and Presidents’ Day. We have a Friday and Monday, which makes for a long weekend.

Both are fun, because we get a 4 day workweek. The district my girls are in took the two Mondays, which meant my wife and I got the school day to our selves.

I slept in, we took the girls to school, took a nap, and then went to Ninja Sushi with my wife for a little date lunch. They have an “All you can eat special”. It’s not really all you can eat, but 7 selections from a menu. I still didn’t finish it. It was all delicious. I even tried the Salmon Roe, which is just a fancy word for fish eggs.

Rainbow Roll

Spider Roll and Salmon Roe

Tiger Roll- This one may have been my favorite, though they were all good.

Basically, sleep, eat, sleep…Yay! It is nice to have extra days to just rest.

Well, I am off to take a nap now.