My hope this week was to have some more posts about my recent trip to the CUE National Conference in Palm Springs, but we also have Parent conferences , so that is unlikely. 🙂 My mind was overflowing with new thoughts, dusted off thoughts I had heard before, new tech, new ways of integrating tech, and bunch of little tidbits of teacher goodness I can’t wait to share, but it will have to wait. To hold you off, or not…here are some hot links.


Intellectual Property in a Digital Age– George Couros talks about how our districts, in some sense, own the rights to things we create and what that means.

12 ways to Really Make Genius Hour Work in Your Class– I have started “Genius Hour” in my class. I put it in quotes, because I know I am not doing it completely right, but it is a way to get my feet wet. Matt Miller gives some good tips to make it better.

Dealing With A Difficult Parent– I don’t post this with any particular parent in mind, but these are some great tips to help deal with one. Also, these are some good tips to keep in mind BEFORE there is a problem so you can be proactive.

We Should Rethink Our Definition of “Wasting Time”-Matt Miller offers some thoughts that what may look like wasting time, may not be. Good read.

Have a bright day. 🙂