Here is a thoughtful look at school choice. I have heard some reasons why it would be bad for kids, and here is a look at why it might be good for parents to get to choose where to send their children. (It’s also a reason I think it is good that my district has a form of school choice.)

Competition does good things in other areas of our lives; why not schools? I don’t think I am alone in striving to make my school the best I can make it, each and every day. I want our “product” to be something we can be proud of…for one, independent critical thinkers ready to take on the world. Healthy competition helps me get better. Would it work to make schools better? Considering all the hulabaloo over the new Secretary of Ed…we may find out like it or not.

Here’s a 1995 interview from Steve Jobs on the subject.

This is not a case for school choice per se. I think there are some challenges that need to be dealt with. But I find it important to look at the other side of things. I have been hearing how evil and destructive Betsy DeVos and how wrong Charter schools and school choice are, but I am not convinced she is as evil or dumb or any other ad hominum attack as some are making her out to be.

She seems well spoken and passionate about this. As I said in a previous post, since she is in this position to help children, don’t we want her to succeed? And is demonizing her the way to ‘defeat’ her? It almost seems like some are being intolerant and bully-like toward her. Should that be so?