Here are some links to read for today

Free Rice– This is a cool website that will donate rice through the World Food Programme. All students have to do is answer various trivia questions.

Math Is Fun– This website has some fun games and logic puzzles and different math lessons and such.

Rewordify– I don’t know that I would use this much, but you can type difficult passages into it and it will change the wording to be more simple. Kind of a cool concept.

Too High a Price: Why I Don’t do Behaviour Charts – The scenario at the beginning of the article is a great look at some of the inherent problems with how we use behavior charts. I have been trying this in my class…I still go back and forth a little, but I have worked hard to build my class so it runs well without it. Some days it works, and some days, I struggle.

Sometimes the Answer is More Obvious Than You Think “Maybe as adults we’re just so used to things being straightforward whereas kids get more creative with their thought process…”

10 Google Classroom Time Savers for Teachers– Matt Miller at Ditch That Textbook shares some pointers.