Sorry to take your time, but I just had to share this. When I went to the CUE conference, one of the presenters was Jo Boaler (look her up on youtube, seriously). She looks at how we can build a growth mindset for kids as it relates to math.

This quick video has kids sharing their thoughts on being dumb in math, and share their thoughts on what we often do in math. I do it most days. But man, what they shared is not a love of math, not a love of “read chapter 1, do this worksheet” type of thing.
When I first heard it, I was inspired to do better, then I mostly forgot about it and did what I often do. I ran across it again and thought I would share it. It is only about 3 minutes, but tell me it doesn’t make you want to try something different?
If you are doing that, awesome. Keep it up. If you do sometimes, awesome, keep it up. If not, man try something just a little different. Even once. Who knows? You might like it.
The good news is that if it doesn’t work the way you hoped (what new thing ever does?), you can always go back to the worksheets.
But, come on, how many of us wake up and say, “man, I can’t wait to get to work so I can give those kids some worksheets?”
Let’s continue to try and change some lives a little at a time. I don’t want to look at these last days, simply, as a countdown to freedom (don’t get me wrong, it is haha), but rather a countdown to the limited number of times I get to try and make a difference, knowing full well I may never know that I have done so.
Keep fighting, keep inspiring. Watch the video. Or don’t. But, seriously, watch it.

Solving The Math Problem from YouCubed on Vimeo.