There seem to be nothing more despised in the schools today than Fidget Spinners. Frankly, they have not been a problem for me, in my class.

My general position on most tools is this: If you are using it as a tool, great. When it becomes a toy and a problem for someone else, we have made it a different issue. This should be nothing extraordinary…most teachers have similar policies…But, man, some folks don’t. like. them. at. all.

As I have been reading fidget-spinner-meme-1about them, I have seen a cool approach from others. Why not take something that students are already completely enthralled with and use that to create some lessons around it.

In other words, let’s make school…umm, how do I say this…interesting and fun?

I tried this the other day. “Should Fidget Spinners be allowed in school? Explain your answer. I had students write a letter trying to persuade our principal of their position. They have never been so excited about writing. They are still showing me whether or not they have writing skills, AND they were actually buzzing about it!

Why Not? So, for those still hating them. Turn it into a cool learning opportunity. Besides: the good news with fads…They will probably be gone by the time school is out…Only to be replaced by something new. 🙂

Here are some articles talking about it. The first one has some clever ideas on how to use them in class.

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