I have been reading a lot from George Couros, author of The Innovator’s Mindset and the blog, The Principal of Change.

One of the things he has talked about was the reason he writes. He said a main reason for writing is not because he knows everything or the best way to do things. He writes as a way to process his learning and share it.

I liked that idea, and I could say the same thing for mine. I often consider myself a curator of sorts. I read a bunch of stuff, and share what I think are the best of what I read, or simply the newest of the best. (I have a stack of unposted articles, that, frankly, I may never get to)

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts in a blog or Twitter or other medium. You won’t always get it right. It won’t always be perfect, but it can be a cool part of the process. Try it.


Next step? Encourage your students in their writing, maybe even a class blog. They will not be perfect, but it could be a great way to refine their thinking and share their learning.