This week has some great articles and blog posts. Some of them are having an effect on how I am teaching and viewing my art. This is not meant to shame anyone still doing these things, but I hope they cause you to pause and consider what is good for the students. It may not always be what we have been doing all along. Just like we want our students to learn and grow, so should we. We should be the lead learner in our classroom.

Fluency Without Fear: Research Evidence on the Best Ways to Learn Math Facts By and large, Jo Boaler has been the biggest influence for me this year as it relates to math instruction. Great research-based look.

10 Ways Teachers Can Instill a Growth Mindset in Students– Growth mindset is another huge component that I try to work into my students. Do you want to help students persevere, not give up and be less afraid to make mistakes and learn? Growth mindset can help.

The Reading Rules We Would Never Follow as Adult Readers– Pernille Ripp is another who has been challenging the way I encourage my students to read. Hint: It is not about AR Tests. 🙂 Check out this post and her blog. It is amazing.

Dear STAR Test, We Need to Talk– Another good post from Pernille. (We are on a first name basis now 🙂 )

The Book Whisperer Answers Question about Teaching Reading– Donalynn Miller (AKA The Book Whisperer) encourages us to move beyond our normal tracking of books and challenges us to get a little messy and have conversations with our kids. The blog post does not have a lot, but I feel I need to give a shout out to her because she offers some refreshing thoughts about reading.

Please enjoy. Be challenged. Try something a little different. Innovate like a turtle.