So, hey, this is the second topic from the EDUblog prompt. 2 weeks in a row! Haha. Sadly, the topic is about the classroom environment.

I say sadly because I have a very passably functional room. I have a few posters in my room that are mostly to fill up the white space. Many of them have content, but also one of the reasons I don’t spend a lot of time decorating…they have become what I call visual white noise…No one really looks at them other than to notice the occasional new poster.

Kids are kids and unless I use the posters often, they just fade into the scenery.

We are also school that focuses, and has been trained with the Kagan Cooperative groups, so my desks are in groups of four, with a few outliers (islands, I have heard them called). This is good and bad. There are times where I would like to move things around…but I don’t feel like taking 30-45 minutes for set up and take down of something new. LOL

As far as organization…well I have work to do. My style is “buy/find (copy paper) a box to put stuff in to hide it from looking cluttery but then losing what it was forever”.

Though I am proud of my library organization. One summer I reordered all my books by “genre”. (I use the term loosely because some were “I looked at the cover and saw animals…therefore “animal genre”). Then I numbered the plastic tubs with a number and labeled all books with corresponding number. This is helpful when I want students to put books back in a semi-organized way. They are kids, after all. 🙂

That is all for now.