Getting ready to head over to the CUE conference, so I thought I would add some links. 🙂

Oprah-fy Your PD– One elementary school shares how they are doing PD different for their teachers.

30 Creative Ways to Use Padlet for Teachers and Students

Daily 5 Literacy Framework: A Guide to Best Practices– When done well, I think Daily 5 has some good things. This year, I have been struggling in maintaining my students’ stamina so I’ve mixed it up. But some good ideas anyway.

Aspects of Effective Project Based Learning #PBLChat #EdChat– Nicholas Provenzano shares some ways PBL hits the 4C of 21st Century learning.

When Reading is Trash or Magic– Pernille Ripp explains why, even though we may cringe when a student shares that reading is stupid, we can consider the positive that they are being honest…and we can deal with that.