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Does Spellcheck Make “Learners” More Intelligent?– George Couros shares his thoughts on feedback.

Flip The Traditional Teacher Read Aloud– Maybe looking at how kids ask questions could offer us some insight into their thinking.

How Read-Aloud Can Improve Behavior And Instill A Lifelong Love Of Reading– On the other hand, maybe we just read to kids. When we do too much teaching during read alouds, we often “butcher the heart and soul of great stories.” So true.

Using Picture Books in the Middle School Classroom– While I don’t teach Middle School (and likely would never 🙂 ). I love the idea that even Pernille’s middle schoolers know they are never too old for picture books. She discusses how she has used them, even in her middle school classroom.

Using Kahoot! and others the way your brain craves– Matt Miller shares why we should use Kahoot and similar things for our students.

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