“The use of precious classroom time for test prep can distort students’ perception of the nature of schooling. They could easily conclude that a primary mission of school is to improve test taking savvy and raising test scores rather than strive for meaningful learning. Moreover, a focus on multiple-choice teaching and testing can convey the fallacious idea that navigating school and life is simply a matter of choosing the “correct” answer from 4 or 5 alternatives!”

Discipline or Compliance? – If empowerment is a good goal, for teachers or students, we must move past simple compliance…do it because I said so.

Using Quizlet in a math classroom– If you have not tried Quizlet Live in the class, math or otherwise, you must!

Books Have the Lessons– Mr. G makes the crazy suggestin, that instead of doing AR to o encourage reading, we start “talking” to our kids about good books. So crazy it might just work.