Wednesday Links- 10-18-17

Here are some new links to check out.

One of the Worst Classroom Management Strategies– Michael Linsin suggests this is not his favorite. 🙂

How To Handle Who Questions You With Disrespect-  Linsin offers a simple response. Maybe it will work for you.

How to Help your Students Choose a Growth Mindset– Some practical ideas to help.

**COmputer was acting up this morning. You only get these 3. Sorry. 🙂



Friday- Quick Links 10-13-17

For my Quick links, I will just be sharing posts without a description. I will only put posts where the title makes sense for what it’s about.

10 Ways To Flip a Kid and Turn Their Day Around

10 Reasons to Try Genius Hour This Year

How To Handle Unfair Criticism and Turn it to Your Advantage

How a School Ditched Awards and Assemblies to Refocus on Kids and Learning

Wednesday Links 10-11-17

It’s been a busy couple weeks, mostly with parent conferences, but just life in general.

From Reluctant to Engaged: 4 Secrets to End Fake Reading– I loved the title, plus the post has some good ideas.

10 Great Ideas From Ditch That Conference– I like direct, to the point titles. 🙂 (I’ve already tried the Chair Challenge.

On the Need for Getting Rid of Homework– “It, therefore, sounds incredibly simplistic, and I do not mean it as condescending, but limiting or completely getting rid of homework really does come to down to us; to how we spend our time in class, to how much we stop talking, to how we do not waste any time, to how we look at our curriculum as learning explorations and not stand-alone projects.” Pernelle Ripp

What We Ask of Our Students and What We Do– Something to think about. I don’t know that will all apply to primary grades as we are still teaching responsibility and such but interesting thought, nonetheless.

10 Commandments of Innovative Teaching– Some are simple and others are interesting, if not a little intimidating.

Check ’em out or Don’t. 🙂


Wednesday Links- 9-27-17

I’m tired, physically and emotionally. But here you go. 🙂

You are in The Miracle Business- The Best Business– Ditch That Textbook looks at a talk given by Ken Burns on ways we may need to change, as a school system.

Intent vs. Impact– “Wanting” is not good enough on it’s own; the impact of our actions are how progress is always measured.

How to Keep From Giving Up on Apathetic Students– It can be frustrating; hopefully this will help.

Google’s Buried Treasure: 18 Hidden Tricks and Tools– I like lists and tips/tricks. 🙂

The Vulnerability of Learning– ” It is easy to criticize others and point out their flaws, but are we willing to look inward and be critical of our own work?” George Couros

“Teachers who are tired, worn out, and exhausted are most likely making a bigger difference than they will ever know.”

Wednesday Links 9/20/17

“One” is Not Enough– George Couros suggests that we not just be classroom teachers, but school teachers because our students need more than one adult to let them know we care.

10 Things That Will Help You With Teaching Difficult Students– !0 tips for dealing with the difficult students.

Why Kids Should Use Their Fingers in Math– Jo Boaler explains why fingers can help with numeracy and maths understanding.

On the “Real World”– I love the quote that we are not preparing students for something but helping students prepare themselves for anything.

How Video Games Can Help Students in Class– Good post from Ditch That Textbook

Have a great week.